Fun with George 3

Running George 3 using David Holdsworth and Delwyn Holroyd's George 3 Executive Emulator

Linux -- Installing and running George 3 emulator under Linux

Installing -- Installing extra George 3 software

Modifying -- Modifying and recompiling George3

Adventure -- Adventures with adventure, porting Crowther and Woods Collossal cave Adventure to the ICL 1900.

Hypertext Documentation -- A project to produce hypertext versions of the scanned ICL 1900 documentation.

PLAN -- Notes about the PLAN assembly language.

BCPL -- Investigation of the BCPL port for the ICL 1900 series

Calling -- Notes about ICL 1900 function calling sequence

Bugs -- Bugs in the g3ee emulator and George 3 Mk8.67

Decimal conversion -- How binary->decimal conversion is done on the 1900

VDU -- Using a 7181 VDU

Software Tools -- Porting Kernighan and Plauger's "Software Tools"

Profiling -- writing a Fortran profiling package for ICL Fortran

Disassembly -- Some disassembly required -- converting semicompiled back to PLAN in contravention of the second law of thermodynamics.

Link farm -- various links for 1900 series information

Useful tools -- various useful tools I've written or ported for use with g3ee.

Authors -- So, who wrote George?

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