Porting Kernighan and Plauger's "Software Tools"

After the important job of porting Crowther & Woods Adventure I decided to port the programs from Kernighan and Plauger's "Software Tools".

Some of the interest lies in "pushing the envelope" - writing programs that manipulate lower case characters on the 6 bit ICL 1900, and performing on the fly file manipulation operations on George 3.

I decided to to write a simple I/O library to allow Fortran (and, possibly, Algol) programs to read and write ECMA characters, subgroupgfio.

The source for the different programs from the book is available from Brian Kernighans old home page at Bell Labs.

The first program to port was the Ratfor preprocessor. Details of how it was ported are here. A NEWCOPYIN format magnetic tape image of the source and instructions for installing it can be found here.

The next program was the editor, a relative of ed(1), which I am calling ted (in the book it is just called "the editor".

Just getting ted running was easy, but the version described in the book is (deliberately) very limited, only allowing editing of very small files in memory. Writing the code to allow editing larger files is described here.